Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Quilts.......

I finally finished my niece's quilt today. I made this from Bonnie Hunter's Patches and Pinwheels pattern that was in Quiltmaker and also on her website. My niece wanted blue as the only color. So, I used lots of blues and white, off-white and beige. I think it turned out nice. Now, I have to wait until I can afford to have it quilted. So, it goes in the flimsy pile.

My next quilt is going to be for my friend Kim. She got married 3 years ago and we all wore matching Hawaiian shirts to her wedding. She wanted a quilt made out of those shirts. So, I'm taking the shirts apart and adding green, white, yellow and pink fabrics and making a quilt for her. The green, white and yellow are for the flowers and leaves on the shirts and the pink is for the beautiful Don Cesar hotel that you see in the background.

That's all I know for today.