Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Doings

This was a very productive weekend for me! I finished my blocks in the Oh My Stars! swap that Nancy is running. The swap was to do a 12 1/2" Sawtooth star with a 6 1/2" block in the middle. The background is white Kona Cotton and the rest of the block is done in cool batiks. So, here are the 3 sets of blocks that I did for this swap! I can't wait to see what I get in return. Nancy always runs the best swaps! I need to press them, square them up and ship them off to Ms. Nancy.

Then I worked on my Red & White Snowball Challenge. I finished cutting and sewing all 480 hsts! I didn't do them the way that Evelyn Sloppy shows in her book, instead I used my Easy Angle ruler and cut them out of 2 1/2" strips. Tomorrow I will work on cutting the other sections of the snowballs and putting them together.

And then finally, I chose my fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt. I decided not to do Christmas Colors for this quilt. Instead I found a gorgeous blue paisley (and I've never been known to resist a paisley fabric!!) that I plan to use for the border and pulled the colors from it. So, I ended up choosing a black background, a dark green, a light blue and a lime green. I usually am pretty good about choosing colors and I hope that this one will go together nicely. If not, then no one will ever see it!!!

This year, instead of me cooking for 45 of my closest family members, I will be a guest at Shaw & Faith's for Thanksgiving dinner. I only have to bake a Pecan Pie, make Banana Pudding and a Grape Jello salad. These are favorites of my kids and I've been given the easy stuff to do this year. I'm really looking forward to not having to do all the cooking this year! I will also be baking my mom and dad a Pecan Pie and a Cherry Pie.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm off to bed!