Monday, April 14, 2008

Mystery Quilts and more........

I promised to show you the fabrics that I'm using for Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts. This is the fabric to the first one.....Carolina Crossroads. I'm using a lime green paisley, a bright pink and a black on white. This one is for my daughter Stephi. I will probably put a zebra print border on it.

The second mystery quilt I'm working on is Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush. I'm using a medium green and cream on white for the first step. And for the rest of the colors, I'm using dark green, brown, orange and a bright blue. Then for the border, I'm using a blue floral that will tie all the fabrics together.

And right now I'm working on these curtains for my ex-husband's girlfriend. Don't ask.....its a wierd situation. I have 12 more panels to complete. They are sheer white with sparkles on it. Not my choice....but then again, neither is my ex-husband!!! What can I say, she is good to my children.

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