Friday, July 4, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Done

Today I finished the Carolina Crossroads top (maybe known as Life's Crossroads) for my daughter Stephanie. She graduated from high school last year and this is her graduation quilt. Her room is done in bright pink, lime green and zebra print. So, you see all of those elements here. This was a fun mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Now to finish the back and then to decide whether I'm going to quilt it myself or send it out to be quilted.


Carol said...

Looking GOOD - Now - it's time for the study tapes - right?


El said...

Sis the quilt is beautiful, I see Boo (Stephi) in each and every block. Now where's mine? Just kidding!
Love ya,

Jackie Russell said...

I really like the purple in the stars. It really makes the stars stand out.