Saturday, July 19, 2008

Next Project

I may have mentioned that my oldest DS is getting married in September. So, what does every quilter mother give their child for a wedding present? A quilt, right? I have a grand idea to make a double wedding ring quilt in the colors of their wedding....but they won't get that for the wedding....maybe for their first anniversary. So, I decided to make a quilt in the color of their bedroom, chocolate brown and baby blue. So, to EQ5 to design a simple block that can be twisted and turned to make a phenomenal quilt. Branky actually gave me the idea for this block with a quilt that she had made. All I did was change the colors.

You can see that I made half the block brown (it is a controlled scrappy) and half the block baby blue.

And this is what the final quilt will be. Its just a matter of turning the blocks and making sure they are where you want them to be. Easy, huh? I'm actually making this quilt 102 x 102. Not a small one.....but then, when have I ever been known to do anything small??? LOL!!!

I've found a new starch that I'm just loving! I've already gone through 4 bottles of it. The best thing about this starch is that it doesn't clog like the aerosol cans do.

So, this is what is keeping me busy right now.....well, this and my job hunt and my mother.
Speaking of Mom, last week she did a terrible nosedive again. She has a second case of pneumonia and her blood became septic. I saw the doctor on Sunday morning and he told me that she was is very critical condition but that he hadn't given up hope on her yet. He said that she was a very strong woman and he had seen her come through some other things that he didn't know if she would make it through. So, we agreed that he would continue doing everything possible for Mom. Two hours later the fill in doctor for her Kidney doctor called me at home and told me that I needed to think about just making my mom comfortable and letting her pass. I asked this doctor if he had talked to Dr. Vu. He said that he had and that Dr. Vu agreed with him. Needless to say, I got Dr. Vu back on the phone and he told me that he did not agree with this yo-yo doctor and that as far as he was concerned, nothing had changed since we talked. The next day, my sister is at the hospital and the nurses are talking about how Dr. Vu got into a heated conversation with the other doctor. Needless to say, I haven't seen that doctor again. And Mom has taken several steps towards getting better. Dr. Vu says that she is now in critical condition but is improving little by little. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Her name is Pat Edwards.
Okay, its back to the sewing machine for me. I have about 3 more hours before bed and I would like to get some of these blocks done.


Karrin Hurd said...

I'll continue to keep your mother in my prayers Pati. The quilt plan looks great. Beautiful picture of the kids!

roadmom said...

Pati: The quilt is beautiful - you may get your's done before mom gets mine done and I just had my 2nd wedding anniversary. I think it runs in the family... I will be in Orlando on the Aug. 9th for a leadership conference with NAWIC - I will give you call afterwards and may be we can meet for dinner. Aunt Pat is always in my prayers. If you need me all you have to do is call.